Welcome to Iron Wolf Wine!

Iron Wolf Wine2020 will be a year we won’t soon forget, although for many, we certainly wish we could. It was a year that presented countless challenges and obstacles. To find opportunity was no small task, but in the darkness, the hope of light is often what sustains us. For us, Iron Wolf Wine became a source of hope and perseverance.

Like a pack, strength comes from relationships and the synergy from working together. We believe in the strength and loyalty that is forged in personal and professional relationships and have applied that approach as we build our brand. From the grape to the glass, everyone that is a part of this journey is a valued partner. Together, our successes are shared and fortify us when we are faced with a less than certain future. We understand the struggles facing the restaurant and hospitality business and embrace our place in the comeback story that we are confident will be written. We support our fellow small business owners including the many wonderful wine and food shops that are an integral part of our neighborhoods. Wine brings people together and we are anxiously awaiting the return to communal gatherings to tell our stories. We miss the people and places that join us in a sense of community.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to gather with you, glasses raised, in celebration of the moments and memories we recall and those yet to be made. Welcome to The Pack!

Tammy & Tony O’Rourke
Iron Wolf Wine