Let’s Talk About the Wines!

We have always approached wine as a source of enjoyment. While there are many interesting stories behind the people and places that play a role in the making of each bottle, we like to start with the sensory experience of what is in your glass. This is the true measure of your enjoyment. The color and aroma should be pleasing to the eyes and nose. The wine should be representative of the varietal and
place that it is from. On the palate, there should be balance between the expression, extraction, acidity, mouthfeel, and flavor components. To be successful, the wine must provide a pleasurable experience. This is what makes wine such an intriguing beverage!

We are unapologetic traditionalists and embrace minimal intervention from vine to vessel. At the very core, wine is fruit. It has been said that you cannot make great wine without great fruit. We agree. We want to showcase the work that is done in the family vineyards that we source our fruit from. In the winery, we want to do as little as possible to retain that identity of the grapes. We compare this to
completing a recipe. Start with the freshest produce or protein and prepare it in the simplest manner to capture the essence of that fruit, vegetable, meat, or fish. Less is more! Our love for classic cuisines from around the world is reflected in our wine. Our goal is to form a synergy between the wine and the food to enhance the enjoyment of both.

We want to thank all of you for inviting us into your homes! We look forward to hearing your stories, seeing your pictures, and sharing your experiences with all members of The Pack!

Tammy & Tony O’Rourke
Iron Wolf Wine

Iron Wolf Wine