And We’re Off!

Iron Wolf WineTypically, January is a very slow month in the hospitality industry as it follows the busy holiday season. In 2021, we have the added hurdles associated with the pandemic that just won’t get the message that it has overstayed a welcome it was never given. So, you may be wondering how would the reception be for a brand new wine label. Well, let me share that story with you!

In early January, our wines began their 3,000+ mile tract to Vermont, arriving on January 18 th at Vermont Wine Merchants in Burlington. At this point, only a hand full of people had tasted the wines, but those that did were universal in their approval and praise. We were guardedly optimistic that the many independent shops and stores that we have come to know over the years would at least consider our wine for a place on their shelves. We also were very aware that our friends in the restaurant business are still dealing with restrictions to provide safe service to their guests. Not an ideal situation to be launching a business, but that is the hand we were dealt. So, we played it…….

In just a handful of days, we were welcomed into over 30 locally owned and operated shops, stores, and restaurants! We started receiving pictures from new and familiar faces, smiling as they held their bottle of Iron Wolf Wine! The enthusiastic energy is inspiring. We realized that this is the type of story that people really enjoyed being a part of. This was not just about buying and enjoying a bottle of wine. It was about becoming part of something larger. It was about becoming a part of a group we like to call The Pack!

We want to thank each and everyone of you that have made these first few days so encouraging. From the start, we have been confident in the synergy that is created through personal relationships. There is an old saying that the “wolf is only as strong as the pack”. At Iron Wolf Wine, we are honored to have you as part of The Pack!

Tammy & Tony O’Rourke
Iron Wolf Wine